Posted in February 2012


Well folks, I had my first catastrophe in the kitchen. It wasn’t horrific, and nothing caught on fire, but let’s just say that I was disappointed with my avoidable mistake. First, I should say that I finally received my University Press of Florida cookbooks – all eight of them. I spent the first 30 minutes … Continue reading

The Garbage Meal

No, this recipe is not made from garbage. However, the variety of ingredients and ways in which you can customize this recipe make it a trashy meal. Behold, the garbage bowl salad, where any and every ingredient is acceptable! Yes, I eat this salad out of a large mixing bowl because it is so big and satisfying. … Continue reading

Comfort Cooking

What is comfort food? For some, Paula Deen’s mac and cheese, fried chicken or meatloaf all epitomize “real” comfort food. However, others find solace in their favorite neighborhood pizza, McDonald’s french fries or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Although I enjoy eating these foods every once in a while, they are not on my comfort food … Continue reading

Back in the cooking game

My journey into the land of frozen foods is officially over my friends. Oh yes… I’m back in the kitchen, and I’m ready to whip up some delicacies. Since my last update, I have taken two criminology exams and stressed out over my first Spanish exam in eight months. In addition, I spent the entire weekend buried in research while … Continue reading

There aren’t enough hours in the day

Four hours of sleep last night and a day filled with unexpected tasks sucked every drop of energy from my body. To recap, I sat in class for four hours, tutored for two hours and talked to my parents for almost two hours. It was my mom’s birthday, which translated into me apologizing for not being able … Continue reading

I Cheated

I have something to admit – I cheated tonight and succumbed to the microwave. I know I am contradicting my advice about how easy it is to make homemade meals, but even the best chef in the world, myself included, doesn’t have enough time to create a savory concoction every night. Today I filled my schedule to the brim with classes, … Continue reading

The Second Time is the Charm

This isn’t my first experience with blogging. My first trial was an educationally mandated attempt, which ended with no followers and a few boring posts about my experiences cruising the Caribbean on Carnival and Royal Caribbean ships. Because the blog was required for a class,  I approached it as a homework assignment and not as a way to express my interests. Yes, … Continue reading