There aren’t enough hours in the day

Four hours of sleep last night and a day filled with unexpected tasks sucked every drop of energy from my body.

To recap, I sat in class for four hours, tutored for two hours and talked to my parents for almost two hours. It was my mom’s birthday, which translated into me apologizing for not being able to come home. Moreover, I dropped a bombshell on her when I told her that I was accepted into a Washington, D.C. internship program for the fall.

Word to the wise: On your mom’s birthday, don’t tell her that you’re moving out of state for four months unless you want to succeed in making her even more depressed than she already feels about her child being away from home.

After making that mistake, I went to the gym hoping to gain a quick burst of energy to finish the day strong. Unfortunately, exam season is upon us, and I have a law & society exam tomorrow evening. Luckily, the exercise allowed me to concentrate long enough to decipher Kafka‘s parables before taking a power nap at my desk.

Needless to say, cooking dinner was not on my list of priorities. Thus, I resorted to my standby meal: two hardboiled eggs and a Green Giant Healthy Weight frozen meal.Technically, boiling eggs is cooking.  You do have to fill a pot with water and wait 10 minutes for the eggs to boil.

Who am I kidding? That’s not cooking, and I need to get my act together this weekend.

I am still awaiting the arrival of my University Press of Florida cookbooks. However, if I do not receive them tomorrow, I will post some of my favorite recipes that definitely pass the homemade test. Sloppy joe’s alla Rachel Ray or chicken and noodles in a homemade peanut sauce  anyone?

Get ready my friends. I will break from this miserable frozen meal funk.

Until next time,



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