Posted in March 2012

Beefy Ranch Pita Pockets

I know what you’re thinking. ¡Ay caramba! Another pita pocket recipe? I’m sorry to overload you with pita recipes, and I promise that this will be the last one for a while. However, I must say that this was my favorite creation thus far. My BFF basically told me that my other pita pocket recipes were a little too … Continue reading

The Sophisticated Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This isn’t the grilled cheese of your childhood, but I promise that it’s better. This melted favorite isn’t packed with Kraft Singles American cheese or suited to be tomato soup’s soul mate, but I promise that this ooey, gooey creation will find a warm place in both your heart and stomach. Introducing the sophisticated grilled cheese, your new, cultured lunchtime companion! Filled with … Continue reading

Lusting after beef

After a meatless Friday, I crave protein and red meat like it’s nobody’s business on Saturday. Let’s face it – an active college girl cannot subsist on beans and eggs alone! What satisfies this meat craving? A plump and juicy burger! However, this is no ordinary burger. This is a knife-and-fork fajita burger, and you may as well wrap it up in … Continue reading

The Romance Heats Up

Things are getting hot in the kitchen…with my pitas. I found myself experimenting again with a meatless main this Friday due to Lent, so I turned to pita bread, the love of my life, for a new sandwich concoction. I wanted something spicy this time, so I reached for some salsa to turn up the heat. However, my fridge and … Continue reading

Chicken and Spiced Apples

I’m a slacker, and I’m sorry. My first week back at school was rough, so I pushed blog updates to the bottom of my endless pile of work. However, I did try some interesting recipes, and I took  some pictures of my scrumptious creations. I’ll post each new recipe throughout the weekend, and here’s the first one. … Continue reading

Whole-Wheat Blueberry Waffles

Fridays during Lent are officially breakfast-for-dinner days since I can’t eat meat, and this Friday was no exception. However, yesterday was special because my best friend spent time with me before my spring break ends Sunday. Because my BFF is a blueberry fanatic, and we didn’t have enough bread to make french toast, we settled on whole-wheat blueberry waffles. I searched … Continue reading

Strawberry JELL-O Cake

When you imagine JELL-O cake, you probably think of some strange gelatin dessert that bounces back and forth when you poke it with a fork. Or, you might picture JELL-O served with cake on the side. If any of these images pop into your head, you are dead wrong! This cake is like strawberry shortcake…on drugs. I’m a chocoholic, … Continue reading

My Weird Obsession

No, I am not a drug addict, smoker or alcoholic, but I must admit – I have a problem. You definitely won’t see me on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, but I have no intention of breaking this habit. What is this weird obsession? Well, I can tell you that it’s a food addiction (big surprise right?). … Continue reading