Whole-wheat pumpkin blueberry pancakes

Friday marked another installment in the breakfast-for-dinner saga that has become my routine. However, this Friday’s dinner was special because I made an impromptu trip back home to St. Petersburg for Easter weekend.

In addition to enjoying awesome water pressure in the shower and watching an ungodly amount of TV recorded on our DVR, I happily reunited with my beloved kitchen and all of its gadgets, including the waffle maker/pancake griddle.

I cooked up some whole-wheat blueberry waffles during spring break, but I wanted to try my hand at pancakes instead. With a can of pumpkin and some frozen blueberries in hand, I was ready to make  whole-wheat pumpkin blueberry pancakes for the last meatless dinner of Lent. I found the recipe on Very Best Baking’s website. Follow the link if you want the ingredients and steps.

Just as a head’s up, you MUST eat these with real maple syrup. It perfectly complements the pumpkin and blueberry combination.

After savoring these fluffy, moist flapjacks of joy, I think pumpkin might be my new favorite food. And let me tell you – I used to HATE pumpkin. The mere thought of it made me gag. However, I’ve been feeling adventurous this week after discovering that I now like yogurt due to overnight oats. All I can say is that taste buds definitely change and become more sophisticated as you get older. Just to give you an idea of how much  mine have evolved,  this was my standard breakfast from the age of 4 to 15:

Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but at least I ate breakfast. Don’t even get me started about what I ate for lunch every day. I’ll leave that story for another post.

Last but not least, let me welcome you to Hungry Gator Gal, the improved version of my blog! Don’t get me wrong, Adventures in Collegiate Cooking was good, but the name was  too long. Don’t worry. I’ll still focus on simple, healthy cooking. However, I want to add some new elements and start posting once a day.

In honor of this new installment, I’m opening the blog up to more comments and questions. I added some things that you can think about while waiting for my next post. Leave a comment or send me an email at bkkolota@yahoo.com. I’d love to hear from you, especially if you have an awesome pancake recipe that I should try.

What is your favorite flavor of pancake?

Would you like to see more breakfast-for-dinner recipes featured on this blog?


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