Posted in September 2012

Thursday Thoughts – Pumpkin

This post should really be called Thursday “thought” and not “thoughts” because there’s only one thing on my mind now . . . Pumpkin! After a three-week manhunt across D.C., I finally found my beloved canned pumpkin at Target. Shame on you Harris Teeter’s, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for not having fall’s star food in time for … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

I am finally joining the “What I Ate Wednesday” movement! Just in case you are unfamiliar with the trend, WIAW basically gives you a picture breakdown of everything a blogger ate Wednesday. Reading healthy living blogs has been a part of my daily routine for almost a year now, and it seems as if EVERY food and exercise blogger shares a WIAW post each … Continue reading

Taco Tuesday

Who has a love affair with avocado and adds it to almost anything? This girl does! But seriously, I’m not even joking. Avocado makes its way into my sandwiches, salads, smoothies . . . the list goes on. Before I start to ramble, here’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy this nutritional powerhouse, which is … Continue reading

(Almost) Grownup Lunchbox

I am 20 years old, so I guess I’ve been an adult for more than two years. However, I proudly carry a lunchbox to work everyday, just like I did until high school graduation. I’m not ashamed. In fact, I wish more young professionals like myself realized how much money you can save by brown-bagging lunch and snacks for the … Continue reading

Balsamic Strawberry Salad

This salad is dressed to impress. The toppings make it fancy-schmancy, but it’s actually super simple and inexpensive to make. I can’t be the only person who thinks it’s insane to pay $9 for an “artisanal” salad I can whip up at home for under $2 per serving. Does anyone agree with me? Anyway, this sweet and savory salad makes the perfect light meal or side … Continue reading

New Recipes from Washington, D.C.

Hello from Washington, D.C.! I’ve only been in the capital for two weeks, but it already feels like home. Fortunately, my three roommates are funny, amazing and genuinely nice girls. I enjoy every minute I spend with them, and we’ve already made some great memories. In addition to spending quality time with my fellow Washington Center … Continue reading