(Almost) Grownup Lunchbox #4

This week wasn’t a complete failure in terms of lunch-packing, but it wasn’t stellar.

I did pack meals and snacks for the three days I went to work this week, but lack of food in my refrigerator forced me to resort to repeat meals two days in a row.

Rather than take pictures of something you’ve already seen, I figured I’d recap the one new lunchbox meal from Wednesday and give you some inspiration from my fellow food bloggers.

Here’s Wednesday’s questionable-looking but delicious creation:

Smashed avocado, black bean and onion sandwich

I prepared the sandwich with cheddar cheese and mustard on one slice of Arnold Healthy Multigrain bread. Also included in the meal are frozen dark sweet cherries, cucumber slices, baby carrots and two tablespoons of Sabra’s Classic hummus.

If you like refried beans, this sandwich has a similar consistency.

And finally, don’t forget to check out this Easy Lunchboxes photo gallery for literally hundreds of meals from the most creative moms on the planet! Without their photos, my lunches would be quite boring.

P.S. I won’t be in Washington, D.C. this week due to a family emergency, so I’m apologizing ahead of time if I post sporadically and less often than usual. My grandmother is in the hospital, and the doctors don’t expect her to make it through Monday night, so I’m hopping on an Amtrak train as soon as I take care of a few things.

I truly value all of my Hungry Gator Gal readers, so I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks again for your support 🙂


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