WIAW # 5 – Hurricane Food

What did I do while locked inside for two days due to Hurricane Sandy? Cook and bake.

Needless to say, I finally taste-tested some recipes that have hung around on my Pinterest boards for a while. Overall, everything was delicious, and I’ve definitely found some new go-to meals and snacks.

Some of these scrumptious eats made their way into my Tuesday noshing, but don’t get too excited – not all of my meals were brand spankin’ new. I didn’t have that much time because I used my days off to tackle neglected homework and projects.

First up . . .

Brunch – Noon

I went to the gym in my apartment building first thing after waking up at 10:30 a.m., so my meal quickly turned into brunch when I finally sat down to eat. Unfortunately, I was so famished that I completely forgot to take a picture until almost all the food was in my belly.

A big bowl of hot peanut butter pumpkin oats. However, this time I added cocoa powder for a chocolatey twist and PB Crave’s Cookie Nookie peanut butter. I also ate a dying banana on the side.

Snack – 4 p.m.

not pictured

I was still pretty full from lunch, so I snacked on a big handful of baby carrots and three tablespoons Athenos Greek Style hummus to hold me over until dinnertime.

Dinner – 6 p.m.

I made a big batch of roasted tomato soup Sunday from a recipe I found on Iowa Girl Eats. I still had leftovers Tuesday, so I lightly pan-fried one chicken sausage and green bell pepper slices to add to the broth. All I was missing was a big, buttery hoagie roll to complement the meal!

Dinner No. 2 – 8:30 p.m.

Apparently soup doesn’t keep me full, so I made my “pretty sweet” egg and cheese sandwich on a toasted English muffin later in the evening.

P.S. Sorry about the dark picture. The flourescent lighting in our kitchen stinks!

Bedtime Snack – 11:30 p.m.

I simply couldn’t resist one of the pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with cinnamon glaze I made for my roommate’s birthday Monday. I found the recipe on Popsugar’s lil sugar website.

Don’t these treats scream fall with their orangey-pumpkin hue?

Besides the HUGE chocolate chunks,  I made the treats with whole-wheat pastry flour and less sugar, so they’re pretty healthy. Right?


  1. Have you made any distinctly fall recipes?
  2. If so, how did they turn out? Delicious, I hope. 🙂

P.S. I’m dealing with part two of a family emergency, so I’ll be gone for a few days. In my absence, check out my Pinterest food boards for some inspiration, and let me know if you try any of the recipes. I want to know which ones are worth tasting!

Thanks again for your support.



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