For Newtown: Apple Cider Crisp

Although I enjoyed the weekend with my semi-dysfunctional family, many in Newtown, Connecticut cannot say the same, and this thought deeply saddens me.

Despite my seemingly large and frightening problems, nothing compares to the pain of the families who are mourning the loss of loved ones in Newtown. Words cannot express how sorry I am for the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  As President Obama expressed last night, the thoughts and prayers of the entire nation, including my own, are with you at this time.

Photo courtesy of The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education

In times of trouble and sadness, baking always lifts me from the doom and gloom I’m feeling. Something about the measuring, sifting, stirring and scooping seems therapeutic, which probably explains why I was a madwoman with the oven this weekend.

Although I made the following dessert during Thanksgiving break, I think this easy, healthy recipe may fill your heart and stomach with much-needed warmth. Enjoy the gooey filling with your family or give a pan to someone in need. Despite the lives lost, the Newtown school shooting reminded me that Christmas is not about material things; it’s about cherishing those you love and the memories you’ve made with one another.

Apple Cider Crisp

Courtesy of

Serves Eight

Total Preparation and Cook Time: One hour


For Newtown, Connecticut

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