The Big Reveal!

I’m a liar.

I originally said I needed a few days before revealing my BIG plans for Hungry Gator Gal. However, a surge of productivity and many hours behind the computer Tuesday has allowed me to make the announcement ahead of schedule.

Are you ready for it?!?!

Hungry Gator Gal has moved!

This means HGG’s new home is now officially

After contemplating the idea for more than six months, I finally registered for my own domain, and it feels wonderful.

Initially, I hesitated at moving from WordPress, the wonderful site and community which helped Hungry Gator Gal flourish in 2012. However, I’ve grown a lot both personally and professionally since my first post and feel as though having my own domain is a better fit for this next stage of HGG and my life. With that said, I hope all my WordPress friends continue to follow HGG at its new home.

When you check out the new site, you’ll find all my old posts, recipes, and an updated “About Me” section. In addition, you may notice a few new things, including:

  • An improved layout and design theme courtesy of Blogger
  • Improved tools to help you keep up to date on all things Hungry Gator Gal
  • Lists and links that describe what I’m reading, watching, and loving at the moment

These changes are only a preview of my plans to grow and expand HGG in 2013. Thus, don’t be surprised if you visit the site one day to find a new social media widget, list or another tool. If the change is minor, I won’t announce it in a post. However, if the change is substantial, I will let you know about it.

I’m always open to new ideas, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any suggestions or comments. I’m dedicating this year to improving HGG for you, my readers, so I hope you’ll follow along to see what’s in store.

I’ll leave the WordPress site up and running for a while and try to set up a redirect to from the old site to

However, please don’t forget to follow the new site by email and subscribe to the new RSS feeds. Moreover, if you don’t follow me on Pinterest or Twitter, now’s a good time to start. I post HGG-related updates to these platforms daily, and you don’t want to miss out.

The fun has only begun, so I hope you’ll join me for the ride. 🙂

Best wishes in the New Year,



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