About Me

Hello, and welcome to Hungry Gator Gal!

My name is Brianna, and I’m a third-year University of Florida student who is double-majoring in public relations and criminology & law. When I’m not working, going to school, or listening to music, you’ll find me chomping my way through various recipes in addition to crafting my own just for fun.

I created Hungry Gator Gal to be your one-stop shop for healthy, quick meals that call for simple ingredients. Like you, I indulge from time to time, and I hope you enjoy both my healthy meals and sweet treats.

You’ll often find me snacking on nut butters, salsas, sandwiches and salads, but I’ll gladly taste-test any recipe you find. Just leave a comment with a link to the meal or email the recipe to bkkolota@yahoo.com, and I’ll put it on my “to-try” list.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world, and I hope you look around before going on your way. 🙂



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