Peanut Butter Banana French Toast

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .” This morning was a little chilly on Florida’s west coast, which triggered my craving for a warm and comforting breakfast. I was going to make a batch of peanut butter banana custard oats, but digging my fork into a pile of egg-battered bread covered in maple syrup and topped … Continue reading

WIAW #9: Pretty Eggtastic

I apologize for posting a bit later than usual on this wonderful Wednesday before Christmas. My mom woke me up around 6 a.m. to see if I was interested in substitute teaching for the day, and I said yes. Thus, I didn’t have time to write and post my Tuesday eats for WIAW until now. Holiday graphics courtesy of Ashley … Continue reading

For Newtown: Apple Cider Crisp

Although I enjoyed the weekend with my semi-dysfunctional family, many in Newtown, Connecticut cannot say the same, and this thought deeply saddens me. Despite my seemingly large and frightening problems, nothing compares to the pain of the families who are mourning the loss of loved ones in Newtown. Words cannot express how sorry I am for the tragedy that occurred … Continue reading

Whole-Wheat Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

Weekend baking is becoming somewhat of a tradition around here, and this morning was no exception. I woke up Sunday morning around 9:30 with an itch to experiment and finally try some of the recipes that have been patiently waiting for me on my Pinterest boards. After scrolling through endless pictures of baked goods, I settled on muffins because … Continue reading

Italian Style Hummus Crusted Chicken with Veggies

If you haven’t noticed, I like to put new twists on my favorite recipes. I, unlike most people who stick to tried-and-true methods, always feel the urge to mess around in the kitchen to make a recipe better or simply use different ingredients. Just check out the five million ways I reinvent oatmeal almost every day. With that said, it should be … Continue reading

Blazing Buffalo Chicken Melt

Sooooo this sandwich happened yesterday during my first lunch at home in Florida . . . and it tasted fantastic thanks to Boar’s Head’s Blazing Buffalo Style Roasted Chicken Breast. This chicken is one of my favorite deli meats, and I just so happened to find the perfect toppings to complement the smoky, spicy chicken. Turkey bacon, pepper jack cheese, and Kurtz’s … Continue reading

(Almost) Grownup Lunchbox Series: Goodbye D.C.

Friday marked my last day as a Washington, D.C. intern. 😦 Although I’m excited to return home to Florida for the holidays, I can’t seem to pull myself away from the city and its charm. Every day I walk down through the streets trying to take it all in – the monuments, the metro, the chilly weather and just the energy in general. … Continue reading

Weekend Breakfast: Whole-Wheat Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

Weekend breakfasts bring back childhood memories for me. When I was younger, my brother and I used to wake up kind of early. When my stomach started grumbling after an hour of watching Scooby Doo, we would run into my parents’ bedroom. After poking, prodding and jumping on the bed, my dad would finally awaken, and we would beg him to make a special breakfast. Every weekend we … Continue reading

Protein-Packed Overnight Oats in a Jar (OOIAJ)

The breakfast of champions is  about to get mightier! Introducing . . . Protein-Packed Overnight Oats in a Jar It may seem as though this almost-empty jar of peanut butter holds my original overnight mixture, but a secret ingredient is about to punch you in the face. . . figuratively, of course. 🙂 No, it’s not strawberries. They’re good, but I’ve … Continue reading

WIAW # 8 Georgetown – Take Two

This week’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) would have been B-O-R-I-N-G without dinner and a special stop in Georgetown after work. I rarely go out to eat, but Tuesday’s trip celebrated the completion of my Washington Center portfolio and final exam for Criminal Law and Procedure. You know what the pink box means, right? Georgetown Cupcake!  (a.k.a. … Continue reading